Current and past positions

Currently, I’m working at Atos Bull as Collaborative Project Manager, HPC distinguished expert, member of the Center for Excellence in Performance Programming (CEPP).

Before, I worked at IETR INSA (UMR CNRS 6164) in the VAADER team on the GreenVideo project. In this project I worked in particular on OpenHEVC for x86 and big.LITTLE ARM based platforms.

During several years I worked at CAPS entreprise, the Many-core Programming Company, which was leading provider of software and solutions for HPC Community. CAPS entreprise enabled companies to safely move to manycore processor technologies.

I have completed my PhD in computer science in 2011 under the supervision of Prof. Christophe Wolinski at IRISA laboratory in the CAIRN team/project. My PhD was supported by Technicolor (Thomson R&D France) and the French National Agency for Research and Technology (ANRT) under a CIFRE Grant.