Research Projects

Current projects:

  • ESCAPE: “Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather Prediction at Exascale”. The project will develop world-class, extreme-scale computing capabilities for European operational numerical weather prediction (NWP) and future climate models.
  • ESiWACE: “Centre of Excellence in Simulation of Weather and Climate in Europe”. This project will substantially improve efficiency and productivity of numerical weather and climate simulation on high-performance computing platforms by supporting the end-to-end workflow of global Earth system modelling in HPC environment.

Past projects:

  • GreenVideo, including Thales, Thomson Video Networks, Vitec, IETR, Lab-STICC, EKTACOM, TeamCast, INFOTRON. The aim of this FUI project is to study and develop mechanisms for reducing energy consumption of image/video creation, transformation, broadcast and rendering.
  • APOS-EU: “Application Performance Optimisation and Scalability” (2011-2013). The APOS project will investigate technologies and develop tools for the software challenges encountered by computational scientists in the face of new trends in high-performance computing architecture development.
  • COMPA: “Conception Orientée Modèle de calcul pour multi‐Processeurs Adaptables” (“Model Oriented Design of Embedded and Adaptive Multiprocessor”). The aim of the ANR COMPA project is to propose a methodology and a design framework for running applications specified based on the dataflow process network model on a heterogeneous multi-core platform for embedded systems.

During my Ph.D., I took part in several projects especially in the following ones:

  • ROMA: “Reconfigurable Operators for Multimedia Applications” (2007-2010) supported by ANR Architectures du Futur.
  • SoCLib: Open platform for virtual prototyping of multi-processors system on chip (MP-SoC). The project started as an ANR-founded project. It is now maintained at LIP6.